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Sander Hochstenbach


Darling Ingredients


Process Development Engineer.

Sander Hochstenbach is seconded by NextGen to Darling Ingredients, as Process Development Engineer. “Darling Ingredients processes organic waste flows that are used as raw materials, such as functional proteins and fats for making other products.”

“I work at the head office in Son. Darling Ingredients has multiple plants worldwide and process engineers work on process improvement at each plant and on what we call ‘day-to-day problems’. It is my task to support them and promote the synergy between all locations, as the technology that is used at one plant can also be useful for another plants.”


Open and social

“I came into contact with NextGen via LinkedIn. The introductory interview that I then had with Menno and Frank was the determining factor in my decision to work with NextGen. The conversation was very open, very sociable. I felt really relaxed and comfortable.”


“The guidance NextGen provides gave me a greater degree of security at the beginning of my career”


“I then had two job interviews at Darling Ingredients. I was called by Menno after both of them: how did it go, what did you think of it, could you ask the questions you wanted? It’s great to evaluate things with someone who understands the ins and outs. If you’ve just graduated, it’s not always easy to get your foot in the door. The guidance NextGen provides gave me a greater degree of security at the beginning of my career.”


Reflecting upon your social skills

“After I was taken on at Darling Ingredients, I started following NextGen’s Management Development programme. The days of training were a great opportunity to reflect upon my own social skills, something that was not really covered much during the Master’s study Chemical Process Technology.

How decisive your first impression is for others, and which roles people subconsciously assume in conversations: all part of my daily work that sometimes has a greater impact than you might at first think.”


Team effort

“What I have learnt in particular is the importance of good communication within a professional setting. People who have already worked twenty or thirty years are used to processes working in a certain way. Then in comes some wet-behind-the-ears kid telling them that they need to change. How do you deal with that? I got a lot of advice from NextGen: approach them yourself, show them your face, and prepare thoroughly. Try to work things out effectively together. But in the end, I can’t do without my colleagues: process optimisation is a team effort.”

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