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Renee van Amerongen




Master of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence

Frank had seen my CV and called me for an appointment. At that moment, I had a job that I was very happy with, but I knew that the opportunities for growth were limited. And I’m someone who’s keen to keep developing – I’m always open to new ideas.


I was triggered by NextGen’s MD programme, and also because of the possibility of working on an interim basis. The idea of working for different companies, to learn lots of new things – that really appealed to me.


In the end, NextGen took me on without having a concrete assignment for me. That’s quite a sign of trust. NextGen employs you with a permanent contract, making the decision much less uncertain.


MD programme

I really valued the contact with my fellow students during the MD programme. It was always worthwhile sparring about the projects with colleagues and the trainer. There was a wide variety of clients and the experiences of colleagues give further inspiration for your own project. Furthermore, you study the different aspects of personal development as a group. How do you react in certain situations, what is your own way of working? It’s good to be aware of that. The programme provides insight and awareness.


Master's study

I’m now half way through my second year of the MD programme. Beside my work, I’m also following a Master of Operations & Supply Chain Excellence study at the TiasNimbas business school. I’m soon beginning my thesis on the basis of practical examples from my work. All things considered, a really intense combination, so my weekends are long. But I know that I want to further pursue improvement processes. What appeals to me about this? The collaboration with a company, with the people that work there. Even with the employees who don’t look positively at change – I love the challenge of trying to change their minds.


Sales & Operations Planning

I’m currently working on an improvement process at Kepro, a supplier of veterinary medicines. Kepro is primarily active in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. I’m currently trying to bring more structure to the planning process based on Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). I first carried out a quickscan, and this resulted in recommendations, some of which we are now implementing. In total, the whole process took three months.


Affinity with NextGen

Previously I was seconded to a single client. But now that I’m working as an interim, I feel a much stronger affinity with NextGen. We keep in touch a lot, not just about the work, but also about my personal development. If I run into a problem, I just contact Frank. Not that it happens very often, but it’s good to know that there’s someone there. I’m very satisfied with NextGen, and happy that I took this step.

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