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Bas Nigten




Process Engineer

After posting my CV online, I was approached by Menno. He invited me to an introductory interview and I quickly became enthused during the meeting. The informal character appealed to me and my interests are in the professional sphere in which NextGen is very active. I’m driven and know how to communicate that, and that fits well with NextGen.


Process engineer

I was delighted to start working as a process engineer at Scania in Meppel. In my first year, I was occupied with what we call air management: reducing hydrocarbon emissions in combination with greater efficiency. I managed to increase the capacity of the afterburner, for instance.


“NextGen managed to find a really good match between my wishes and the position I now fill”


I’m currently working on construction of an entirely new painting line. The aim of this is to realise great efficiency and improved capacity. At the same time, we are further reducing the emission of hydrocarbons.


Many possibilities

After a year of secondment, I’ve recently been taken on permanently at Scania. I started with process improvement, but am now actually constructing things. And I’m delighted with this, of course. If you are assertive and show interest in secondary activities, there are many possibilities. What’s more, Scania is a great company to work for. It is well known for its Lean operations and that combines well with Six Sigma. NextGen managed to find a really good match between my wishes and the position I now fill.


Operational and strategic

What I really value at Scania is the operational work, together with the people on the shop floor, combined with projects at a strategic level. This combination is now around fifty-fifty and that suits me really well.


Constant challenge

Production will be increasing here over the coming years. Increasing our capacity is a constant challenge for the factory. And there are some more great projects in the pipeline, so for me there are many possibilities for learning new things and working on many different facets. I’m in just the right place for the coming years!

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