Get to know the organisational improvers at NextGen

A new generation of enthusiastic, highly trained professionals is knocking at the door.

But how do you use that potential in practice? Firstly by matching talented people with leading organisations, finding the ideal match every time. But that’s just the beginning, as creating real growth is the primary goal. At NextGen we do that by supervising our talented people intensively and giving them targeted training. Working, learning and continual improvement. In this way we strengthen organisations with ambitious professionals, equipped with the skills needed to be really valuable in terms of improving processes and thus cutting costs.


Because we foster our candidates’ potential, candidates enter permanent employment with us.

That gives them security and our clients optimal flexibility. Each candidate follows our Management Development programme and is trained to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Ready for the real world, not just today, but for tomorrow’s world too.

That’s why we see ourselves as more than just recruiters: we are organisational improvers. Young in organisation and spirit, mature in expertise. Based on our own experience in Operations & Supply Chain, we realise durable growth. Both for the candidates individually and therefore also for the organisation as a whole. As talent only really grows when utilised fully!