Discovering what makes someone tick

As a recruitment consultant at Nextgen, I’m responsible for recruiting the best talent in Supply Chain & Operations. Before I started working at NextGen, I was employed within FrieslandCampina’s Supply Chain for seven years, in various positions. I have a lot of experience with different processes within companies, and I know which aspects can be a fun challenge.

“We focus on development, and offer perspective for the future. I notice that candidates value this highly.”

Passion for coaching

Additionally, I’ve gained a lot of experience in HR as a team leader. Coaching and helping people develop was what I enjoyed most about my previous role. That’s why I decided to quit my job and start a higher education course in career coaching.

Passion for coaching people is a part of me. I enjoy helping other people take the next step, and convincing them they can do things. Not surprisingly, NextGen’s approach appealed to me immediately: achieving growth by developing people and companies. I like to look at things from both the candidate’s perspective and the company’s perspective, which I think is valuable. Besides that, we’re a close-knit team, you’re involved in everything and that suits me well.

Discovering what makes someone tick

To find the right match, I pay a lot of attention to non-verbal communication. For example, when do a person’s eyes brighten? Sometimes that’s more important than what the person is saying. Work experience says a lot, but not everything. You have to look at the big picture, including personal characteristics, and find out what really makes people tick. Scouted candidates are inherently skilled, but are sometimes lacking so-called ‘soft skills’. That’s why I think it’s great that there’s a focus on personal development.

Market knowledge

There’s plenty of market knowledge at NextGen, which means we see a very good match between supply and demand. We also focus on growth and personal development. In my experience, most candidates value that over a car or a laptop. We offer perspective for the future and that’s what gives us added value.

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