Thinking in possibilities with a lot of energy

Together with Frank, I’m a co-founder of NextGen. By character I am always looking for improvements. Not just in my personal life, but especially in my work.


That drive suits me, and it’s what I look for in people who want to work for us. Driven, ambitious people, with a positive attitude. People who think in terms of possibilities, with a lot of energy. That’s my approach to life in general.


“On the one hand making the match, but on the other contributing to personal development. That’s the best thing of all.”


At the heart of the operation

At NextGen, we aim to avoid bureaucracy and hierarchy. I’m just one of the colleagues, and we don’t refer to ourselves as boss or manager. We are all NextGen. Which is why I love to be involved at the heart of the operation. That’s the best place to be: one the one hand making the match, and on the other hand contributing to the personal development of the people who work for us. And that will always be our key focus.


Focused on partnership

I worked at a multinational, in a complex matrix organisation, for many years. I try to express the dynamic that that involves, both internally and for those who work for us. I’m geared to the long term. And to fostering partnership, in everything we do. Attention for the individual, giving people the feeling “I count too”.



Everyone is ambassador

I don’t think there’s another agency out there that approaches the task of employment in the way that we do: personal development, attention for the individual and doing fun things together. Everyone who works or has worked for NextGen is an ambassador, and that’s the idea that informs our work.


Continual improvement

We are a young organisation, and are just three years old. Which means that we’re still learning, too. I think that we have turned our company into a very professional outfit very quickly, but we are continually improving our services further.
And that’s confirmed by the feedback we receive from our clients, that our approach is clearly different, with a key focus on people. We have a high level of engagement, and that translates into successful projects. What you give, you get in return. I’m sure of that.

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