It is 'key' to have good people

Together with Machiel, I founded NextGen in March 2015. At that moment, I had a successful company for over 10 years. There was no necessity in founding a new company. However, I strongly believed in the proposition of NextGen and therefore I didn’t have any doubt and started the adventure together with Machiel. I hope that we as the founders provide the right incentives to the company. By being ourselves. Enthusiastic, full of energy and with a huge drive.

We only work with candidates who really want to invest in themselves

Not the biggest, but the best

We aim to deal with our clients in the same way we would behave in daily life. With an enterprising spirit, honest and sincere, direct and creative. And I really like being distinct from the crowd. We act in a different way than other secondment agencies. I want NextGen to bring together employees who simply love what they do. We don’t aim to be the biggest, but the best. To be well known as a party that delivers the really good candidates and that realizes valuable savings for clients.

By definition driven and ambitious

In purely technical terms, there is not much secondment agencies that dare to employ candidates for an indefinite period while giving clients the possibility to end the cooperation after a month. NextGen dares to do just that, even in times of economic crises, as our candidates are driven and ambitious by definition. That really is a precondition for our concept to succeed. We only work with candidates who really want to invest in themselves. And it is simply a great process to be part of. You learn a lot, both in terms of the content of Lean Six Sigma and in practical terms. And you glean a great deal from the other candidates too. Doing presentations and sharing experiences. If you are in operations and a colleague explains a supply chain subject in great detail… you’re going to learn a lot from that.


Adding value to the chain

The corporate world has had a number of difficult years. Now that things are going better, there is a greater awareness than ever that the ‘key’ is to employ good people. Many agencies are primarily interested in how quickly they can get a CV to a client. But that is not adding value to the chain. Our clients and employees must get value for their money.

References as proof

To potential clients, our service is often an unproven concept. They sometimes need to hear about it from a third party first, before getting on board. People who are up for new ideas are needed at the outset. But now we have references, proof in practice as to how high the cost savings are. And that convinces clients to get on board. Once that has happened, other contracts follow.

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