Trust freedom and responsibility

Bernadette Dijkhuis is Office Manager at NextGen. “I have a background in the world of recruitment and selection, so it’s really in my DNA. I love working with people with ambition who want to bring out the best in themselves. I see that in myself, and love to challenge myself.


“Trust, freedom and responsibility. That’s what I experience here, and that helps people to blossom.”


Silent force

Within the team of NextGen, I take care of the internal organisation, where I’m the silent force and the stable factor. I’m good at doing the ‘unseen’ things that are really very important. And that means I’m always multi-tasking: organising meetings, arranging locations, coordinating diaries, negotiating prices. I just love it and enjoy a great deal of freedom. And that suits me well.


All enthusiastic people

My colleagues are all enthusiastic people and together we form a compact team. One major benefit of this is that you are involved in everything that goes on in the organisation. Cooperation is excellent and the level of trust is very high. Trust, freedom and responsibility. That works in many ways, towards the candidate, but also among colleagues. That’s what I experience here, and that helps people to thrive.



A focus on ambition

What really appeals to me about this way of working is the personal attention to people’s development and ambition. There is a focus on their qualities, what really suits them. It’s essential to ask why someone is suited to NextGen.
Many parties in our sector are geared to quick success, the short-term result. But I find the long-term vision much more important. If we succeed in getting the right people in the right place, then you’re naturally set up well for the long run.

And in the same way we focus closely on candidates, we also look carefully at the client’s wishes. What does the organisation really want? We partner with them, look at all the options and how there may be room for further improvement.”

Daphne Smit

career consultant

Frank Exterkate