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Marloes van der Zee

We focus on development, and offer perspective for the future. I notice that candidates value this highly.

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Machiel Hogeterp

Together with Frank, I’m a co-founder of NextGen. By character I am always looking for improvements. Not just in my personal life, but especially in my work.

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Frank Exterkate

Together with Machiel, I founded NextGen in March 2015. At that moment, I had a successful company for over 10 years. There was no necessity in founding a new company. However, I strongly believed in the proposition of NextGen and therefore I didn’t have any doubt and started the adventure together with Machiel.

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Bernadette Dijkhuis

Bernadette Dijkhuis is Office Manager at NextGen. “I have a background in the world of recruitment and selection, so it’s really in my DNA. I love working with people with ambition who want to bring out the best in themselves. I see that in myself, and love to challenge myself.

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Daphne Smit

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Judith de Jonge

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Stefanie Wissink

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Daniek Marcus

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